The Scenesters
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Someone is killing beautiful young hipsters in East L.A. But while the bloody trail is cold for the super-apathetic detectives, Charlie, a crime scene cleaner with a penchant for Sherlockian deduction, begins finding some unusual clues in the demo CDs of indie bands left behind at the murder sites which he shares with two out-of-luck filmmakers turned crime scene videographers. Problem is nobody is really sure that Charlie isn't the serial killer. Meanwhile, the dead hipsters are piling up like pancakes in thrift-store flannel, there's a rival Danish film crew, and on top of everything else, it looks like the killer is now making an experimental film of his own. Simple, not really, but then murder never is. Features local acts from Eastside Los Angeles and around the globe - The Airborne Toxic Event, Le Switch, Wallpaper, The Franks, Barr, Tobacco, The Sonics, The Irish Goodbye, Her Space Holiday, The Cribs, Gavin Castleton.
Starring Sherilyn Fenn, Suzanne May, Blaise Miller
Director Todd Berger