The Sorcerer and the White Snake
Available on Prime Video, Sling TV
The film starts with Abbott Fa hai and his assistant Neng Ren heading towards a snow blizzard through a magical door. An ice harpy appears at the top of the mountains and turns the impetuous Neng Ren into an ice statue. She then reveals her past and reasons to kill all men. Unable to persuade the ice harpy to turn over a new leaf, Fa hai is forced to fight the ice harpy. The battle ends with Fa hai capturing the ice harpy using a demon trapper, which releases Neng Ren from ice. Neng Ren is then tasked to confine the ice harpy at Lei Feng Pagoda, and the master and assistant head back to the door which disappears after closing behind them. At Lei Feng Pagoda, Neng Ren transfers the ice harpy from the demon trapper into the magic circle, which holds other trapped demons in it.
Starring Jet Li, Huang Shengyi, Raymond Lam
Director Tony Ching Siu Tung