The Starter Marriage
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Mark is among a group out celebrating their mutual friend Keith's divorce. In the midst of a long drunken night, Keith admits he made a lot of mistakes in his marriage, but if there is a silver lining at least he’s determined not to make them again if he ever remarries. The idea plants a seed in Mark’s mind. Chloe invites her friend, Trijah to join the group in a night of charades. That night Mark announces he is going to try a “starter marriage” – a marriage in which he can make all of his mistakes and learn from them, so when he gets married “for real,” it will work out. To the surprise of all of them, Trijah agrees it’s a good idea, and wants to be his starter wife. Her life is in a rut, she never takes chances, and something big has to change. Trijah daydreams of a "happily ever after" marriage and this could be her chance to get it.
Starring Lynn Andrews III, Sahara Ale, Nadirah Shakir
Director Arthur Muhammad