The Strike
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Struggling actors and roommates, Alberto (Guillermo Ivan), Molly (Erin Fogel), and Richard (Christopher Marquez) have hit bottom so hard they can hardly see up. Cuban-Casanova Alberto is about to lose his job as a waiter (it’s not his fault the customers are so distracting!). While handing out fast-food-menus dressed as a chicken, hipster-poet Richard is assaulted by an 8 year old. And high-strung-comedy club-flopping Molly can barely keep her angst together in time to teach her meditative yoga class. When top talent agent Carlo Lombardi (Bronson Pinchot) starts taking classes at Molly’s yoga studio, Alberto and Richard hatch a plan that’s so crazy, it may just work: get close to Carlo, lay siege to the yoga studio, tie him up, and perform for him at gunpoint. Now what could go wrong? Spurred on by a homeless man (Paul Calderon), who believes himself to be the reincarnation of Walt Whitman, the three find themselves going down a hilarious and awkward rabbit hole with no way out.
Starring Bronson Pinchot, Paul Calderone, Katie Morrison
Director Guillermo Iván, Ben Loggins