The Tower
It’s Christmas Eve at Seoul’s ultra-luxurious, 108-story, residential high-rise, Tower Sky, and the annual White Christmas gala is planned once again to dazzle the elite tenants and their VIP guests. Building manager Dae-ho, a single father, reluctantly disappoints his young daughter again, cancelling plans to work the elegant event. Kitchen manager Yoon-hee, who has a secret crush on him, offers to babysit. Respected fire chief Young-ki has finally agreed to a date night with his long-suffering wife and the extravagant gathering is the perfect venue. The holiday revelry is in full swing on a truly magical and unforgettable evening when unthinkable disaster strikes. Out of the reach of help, chaos and panic erupt. Now two strangers, Dae-ho and Young-ki, must summon the strength and courage to save thousands … But at what cost?
Starring Son Ye-jin, Sul Kyung-gu, Kim Sang-kyung
Director Kim Ji-hoon