The Trees
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Filmed over the course of five years, The Trees is the untold story of life returning to Ground Zero. The Trees documents the journey of 420 oak trees, first as saplings dug from the states where 9/11 victims lost their lives, then nurtured for seven years at a nursery in New Jersey, and finally transplanted as symbols of hope at the World Trade Center Memorial Plaza in New York City. Our storytellers are the men and women who design, grow, build, and document this living memorial. Through them, the film examines our fundamental need for healing and rebirth after tragedy, and the fundamental role that nature plays in our journey toward solace. Filmed with the cooperation of the National September 11th Memorial & Museum and featuring full access to the construction site, The Trees offers an unparalleled and fresh perspective on the story of the creation of the 9/11 Memorial Plaza.
Starring Jason Bond, Michael Arad, Peter Walker
Director Scott Elliott