The Turtle and the Sea
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Lena is a talented British singer with a budding career. JaiI is a Chinese Kung Fu martial artist who lives in a secluded temple near Beijing. Even though these two have nothing in common their paths cross during one of Lena’s performances in China. He shows her some martial arts basics and she’s immediately hooked - on both kung fu and Jai. The two share a romantic interlude, which is cut short by Lena having to return to London. Jai goes on with his life, but that life is turned upside down when his mother has a heart attack. She needs a new heart valve, and the operation costs twenty thousand pounds. Jai thinks back to a young entrepreneur he met during a Kung Fu performance in England named Azeem. Azeem has extended an open invitation for Jai to start a kung fu school in Birmingham anytime he wishes. With no other options, Jai gets on a plane. Shortly after arriving, he and Lena get back together and they both move into his new kung fu school. But the school is a dilapidated building in a deprived no go area of the West Midlands and he only has two students. She's just been dropped by her record label. They have nine weeks to make 20,000 pounds. What they don't realize, is it's not just Jai's mother's life that's on the line but theirs too.
Starring Vas Blackwood, Tariq Jordan, Cat Goscovitch
Director Marek Budzynski