The Unfinished Dance
Young Meg Merlin, who hero-worships a dancer at her elite ballet school, is heartbroken when prima ballerina La Darina arrives to rival her idol. So Meg devises a plan. One little tug on a light switch while La Darina dances Swan Lake will ruin the performance. But Meg pulls the wrong switch the one that opens a stage trapdoor and sends the prima ballerina into a career-ending plunge to the floor below. Margaret O'Brien and Cyd Charisse play two generations of dancers in this lavish Technicolor® film that combines a tragic story of guilt and broken dreams with the opulence of ballet (among the elegant visuals: the mirrored floor that emulates the swans' watery domain). It's a must-see for fans of dance films.
Starring Margaret O'Brien, Cyd Charisse, Karin Booth
Director Henry Koster