The Videoblogs
Margaret, in the words of her best friend Cass, has been "doing better lately." Still, she struggles to consistently manage the lingering effects of a tragic past. In an effort to help Margaret keep in touch with her feelings, Margaret's therapist recommends she write in a daily journal. "Handwriting is archaic," according to Margaret. But Margaret knows she has to do something. In a fit of desperation, she starts recording private video blogs on her laptop. Then, one night, after going out with Cass, Margaret leaves her laptop behind at a bar in her Brooklyn neighborhood. Margaret is soon contacted by Vee, a nineteen year old working her way through college while living at home in the same Brooklyn neighborhood. Vee has found Margaret's laptop. She has watched all of Margaret’s videos. So begins a story of friendship based upon the revelation of some deeply personal feelings.
Starring Rebecca De Ornelas, Phoebe Allegra, Masha King
Director Michael DiBiasio-Ornelas