The Way of the Dragon
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Tang Lung, a young martial arts stunt man, is invited to Rome to help Chen Ching-wah, a restaurateur who has inherited and runs the family business. However, a powerful local business corporation foresees the profit potential of the restaurant site and tries everything to force Chen to sell the place to them. Chen decides to resist and fight. The corporation therefore sends thugs and gangsters to create disturbances at the restaurant so as to discourage customers from coming. Lung is fresh off the boat and, because of the language barrier, he finds himself in several embarrassing situations. Also, as he only knows Chinese Kung Fu, he has trouble getting along with his co-workers, who specialise in karate. Chen therefore begins to doubt the efficacy of Lung's help. However, during a confrontation brought about by the corporation's thugs, in which Lung single-handedly beats more than ten opponents, Chen and the other workers begin to look up to him. But the head of the syndicate is filled with hatred and plots to kill him. Having failed to kill Lung using their existing thugs, the syndicate resolves to recruit karate experts from Japan and the States to beat him. Meanwhile, feeling threatened from outside and with discontent rising in his work place, Lung is trapped and in great danger. Finally, endowed with his Kung Fu skills, Lung manages to beat his enemies and save the restaurant business.
Starring Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Nora Miao Ker-hsiu (aka Nora Miao)
Director Bruce Lee