The Wedding Pact 2: The Baby Pact
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Three years after Mitch and Elizabeth were married, Mitch suddenly passes away leaving a pregnant Elizabeth in need of a fresh start. She decides to move back to her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Soon after, Elizabeth runs into an old friend, Joe Morris, at a flower shop he owns. Needing a job, Joe hires her on the spot. One day at work, Jennifer Becker, Mitch’s mother, arrives and informs Elizabeth of something unpleasant. Jennifer received a letter in his name, pleading that if anything ever happened to him, that she not let Elizabeth raise the child. He did not think she would be a suitable parent. So, Jennifer informs Elizabeth she is taking her to court to be granted full custody. Hearing about her legal troubles, Kevin Pyle, an attorney and brother to the plaintiff’s attorney representing Jennifer, agrees to help. With tensions and tempers running high, the situation calls into question what the meaning of family is really about. So she might have to confront her past to save her future.
Starring Haylie Duff, Chase Masterson, Gail O'Grady
Director Matt Berman