The World's Longest Photograph
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Hironobu Naito (Mahiro Takasugi), who belonged to a Photo Club in high school, got yelled by the Club Director Nanae Miyoshi (Honoka Matsumoto) because of his personality. Taking portrait photography and the photographs competition were difficult for him because he was not good at taking photos of people. However, during the last summer vacation in high school, Hironobu found a big unique camera that he has never been in a recycle shop where his cousin, Atsuko (Rina Takeda) works as the store manager. Hironobu didn't know how to use the camera, so they went to the camera shop. The shop owner Miyamoto (Hisashi Yoshizawa) told them that the camera was an unusual panoramic camera which was modified to be able to take 360-degree long photographs. Miyamoto told them how to use the camera, then, Hironobu shoot the first 360 degree photo with a panoramic camera. He felt surprised and impressed that the camera could develop such kind of photo. The next day, he ran around the city by bicycle because he was seeking for sceneries that he wanted to take picture with in 360 degrees.Finally, he arrived at a sunflower field nurtured by Tomoya (Masaru Mizuno), an old friend of Atsuko, and took a picture of it.
Starring Mahiro Takasugi, Rina Takeda, Honoka Matsumoto
Director Shogo Kusano