This Time
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Ava Buhay, 21, who is ever loyal with her childhood best friend, Coby Martinez, 21, hopes that one day their special friendship will turn into a beautiful romance. However, the time they get to see each other is only during summer vacation. Until one summer, Coby needs to go to U.S to help his grandfather, Lolo Melchor, find his long lost love, Ofelia. Hence, this is the last time they’re going to see each other. This long distance “just friends” relationship lasts for years. Because of this, the chance to have a romantic relationship becomes elusive for both of them. After three years, fortunately, they get a chance to see each other again during Ava’s Japan trip. While Ava is up for an art workshop in Japan, Coby and Lolo Melchor are set to search for Ofelia. In this quest of love of Lolo Melchor, could this also be the right time for Coby and Ava to admit what they truly feel for each other?
Starring James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Freddie Webb
Director Nuel C. Naval