Thom & Dusty Go to Mexico
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An Action-Comedy story of just two regular guys, living a normal life, who struggle to live day by day. They accidentally stumble upon a treasure map and follow their adventure instincts. Aboard the plane, on their way to the shattered and hot grounds of Mexico, Thom & Dusty meet a tour-guide who offered them his services. When they arrived they decide to go to the cantina for a drink and to maybe hire Pedro. Little did they know what Mexico had in store for them. During the treasure hunt, excitement got in their way and all three of them started getting into trouble. The Federales found out about their treasure adventures and started hunting them down. Pedro was able to charm his way out of the Federales' way, while Thom & Dusty got thrown in prison. Pedro then had creative plans to break Thom & Dusty out of prison, as they snuck out to only find out the treasure they accidentally discovered was all stolen by the head honcho of the biggest Mexican mafia. Mr. Big also had his own agents working for him, who were disguised as Federales themselves. An adventure of trouble after another in a series of hide-and-seek from Federales, Thom & Dusty decide to sneak back into the United States. Their only hope is Pedro's last plan; disguise as girls and go home. They get back home and order a pizza. Just to push Thom to accept and fly to Mexico, Dusty promised to eat the treasure map for dessert if it wasn't a treasure map. Since Thom was right, he makes Dusty eat the map and wash it down with soda! Dusty couldn't take it and spits the map out. We find out that the map that was taken out of an 'Open in dark room only' marked folder, which because of soda's acid, started to develop into a picture of their uncle's living-room wall. Young and dumb, they decided to break the wall down and see if there was a treasure inside after all. As soon as the hammer tore into the wall, a massive fountain of gold coins came rushing out.
Starring John Lee Ames, Victor Tomasino, Christopher Angel Brannan
Director Tom Marshall