To the Beat! Back 2 School
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Competition becomes fierce as twins Mackie (Laura Krystine) and Mia (Brisa Lalich) plus their arch rival Avery (Jayden Bartels) go back to their performing arts school following spring break only to find out their lives are about to change! One student from dance, one from acting, and one from singing will be awarded an all-expense paid summer scholarship to the prestigious Triad Conservatory of Fine Arts in New York City. As rehearsals begin for the biggest performance of their lives, Mia and Charlie (Bryce Xavier) announce their new relationship, James (Hayden Summerall) and Pauly (Jaheem Toombs) battle for Mackie's love and Avery, after finally getting over Alex (Jake Brennan), is courted by jokester Dennis (Casey Simpson). Friendships and feuds continue as sisterhood is tested, new bonds are formed and rivalries heat up leading to a drama filled evening at the epic 80’s Spring Fling where a major scheme shuts down the party and jeopardizes the upcoming end-of-year showcase.
Starring Laura Krystine, Brisa Lalich, Jayden Bartels
Director Jillian Clare