Tokyo Newcomer
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Xu Tiantian writer of emotion, oneself are in in the emotional dilemma, deep love of the faithless girlfriend, he is more experienced ZhuoGan in bed "tragedy". Someday, Xu Tiantian met name Su is a lovely girl, Su is the gift of the gab ancient spirit demon, two dozen laughing and joking ha ha, peremptory a quarrelsome lovers. Direction is Xu Tiantian's best buddy, he chose to spend most of their time on work, so girlfriend ginkgo between feelings and also in the stage of confusing. Xu Tiantian suffered a career bottleneck, in this difficult time, Su is had been abandoned to accompany beside him, to support and encourage him, Xu Tiantian therefore see the own heart for the good girl's feelings, in two hearts by closer, an accident to Xu Tiantian is pushed into the collapse of the situation.
Starring Chieko Baisho, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Tôru Kazama
Director Qingmin Jiang