Tracking the Lore
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In the summer of 2019-2020 the east coast of Australia was ravaged by the most destructive wildfires in recorded history. Elder of the Budawang people expresses his emotions after losing everything. The country was a very different place back in 1788 when the first Europeans came here. When colonization took away cultural land management from the traditional custodians, the ferocity of environmental destruction amplified over time.There was something else the settlers were oblivious to; this was an elusive presence that held the balance of nature in great hands, perhaps as ancient as the land itself. They were known as the guardians of the land. Giants that coexisted with the indigenous people for thousands of years.What happened to them after the great fires? Did they migrate away or did they recede deep into the mountains … or were they just an undocumented statistic?To understand these fundamental questions we embark on a mission to discover an ancient connection between country, people and forest folk … Australia’s Bigfoot. Yet something else lurks in the forests on the outskirts of Sydney. Are these creatures replacing the absent Bigfoot population?
Starring Attila Kaldy, Bruce Pascoe, Noel Butler
Director Attila Kaldy