Tranquil World: Relaxation With Music&Nature - Deep Ocean Impressions
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Meditative impressions from diving paradises of the Maldives. Enjoy a meditation journey to the colorful Coral Reefs and listen to the mysterious sounds of the seas. Water is a fascinating element, as a sea, always in motion and seemingly unfathomable in its depth with a world of life all its own. Curiosity makes us want to put on flippers, a diving mask and a snorkel and then dive between algae, creepers and fish, to directly experience and be part of a different kind of world. In what seems to us humans like a calm silence, there is a whole lot of lively and busy activity going on under the water. What charm is it that puts man, who was created for the dry land, under the spell of this heavenly underworld? Our love and passion for the nature of a different world, the paradise of an element unknown to us, is in the depths of the sea. We want to experience unknown plants and animals in a totally exotic surrounding. We want to be a part of an exotic symbiosis of wildlife that lives in a harmony we cannot understand. We are touched by the brilliant play of colors, the motions and the acoustic communication which is unintelligible to us. We want to be a part of it, to follow the shoals of fish and to go out and play games with the dolphins. The glowing red of the coral reef is breathtaking. We find it hard to differentiate between the exotic forms of life, animals and plants. Everything seems to be moving aimlessly and in the deepest peace of mind across the untouched bottom of the sea between the algae-colored rocks and stones in the endless depth and breadth of the sea. The happiness we feel and the strange mysticism of this underwater world give us the inner peace of mind that we so long for, allowing us to accept the gift offered by this wonderful spectacle of nature. We struggle to let go and follow the glittering rays of sunlight that penetrates the water and rise to the surface. Diving in Paradise Relaxation Soundtrack.
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