Tre Maison Dasan
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"Tre Maison Dasan" is an intimate portrait of three boys growing up, each with a parent in prison. Told directly through the child’s perspective, the film is an exploration of relationships and separation, masculinity, and coming of age in America when a parent is behind bars.Tre, Maison and Dasan are three very different boys. Tre is a charismatic 13-year-old who hides his emotions behind a mask of tough talk and hard edges. Maison is a bright-eyed 11-year-old whose Aspergers presents itself through his ever-active mind and deep love for those around him. Dasan is a sensitive 6-year old with an incredible capacity for empathy and curiosity. Their parents are not incarcerated for the low-level offenses that have become well known in conversations around mass-incarceration, but their histories and relationships beg many questions about justice, and the rippling effects of a system at large.
Starring Tre Janson, Dasan Lopes, Maison Teixeira
Director Denali Tiller