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Lucid Dreaming merges the dreamer’s dreamworld with his waking one. But at what cost to the dreamer’s grasp on reality? Jake Landor will be thrust on the Hero’s Journey of his life, as he attempts to help a beautiful, kind woman solve the mystery of what happened to her mother and the town she was born in. As the mystery deepens, neither Jake nor Liz know who to trust. Their dreams become doorways but. . . do these doorways provide clues or traps? Could they be doorways to other dimensions? And, if so, they must beware the TRICKSTER. With the help of a powerful mystic advisor, Delphi, Jake and Liz must stand together against the dark forces which are present in every reality. If they are successful, they may just have a chance to save everyone in the town and find true love in the bargain. On this spiritual journey of enlightenment, Jake and Liz will have their very idea of reality questioned as they are hurdled closer and closer to understanding the meaning of higher consciousness.
Starring Derek Thompson, Erica Jenkins, Leigh Grace
Director Jamie Paolinetti