Tropic of Cancer
"Readers found it shocking and scandalous! And now for anyone over 17, it is a movie!" -Time Movie fans know of writer Henry Miller from Henry and June. But that controversial film about the passionate Parisian triangle formed by Henry, wife June and Anais Nin was not the only time Miller's story came to the screen. Tropic of Cancer, the bold film version of Miller's semi-autobiographical underground classic, was released some two decades earlier. And it, too, broke new ground. "Never has sex been made more blatant, obsessive and, at the same time, as naively innocent as stamp collecting." -The New York Times Rip Torn (The Larry Sanders Show) portrays Miller as he bed-hops and bar-hops through Paris. And Miller himself makes a brief appearance in this ribald tale that updates the setting but retains the libertine spirit of the book that was banned in the USA for 27 years.
Starring Rip Torn, James Callahan, Ellen Burstyn
Director Joseph Strick