Uncle Charles
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In New Zealand, wealthy French businessman Charles Doumeng sees his world fall apart when he finds out he has an incurable disease. In his sixties, with no family or heirs and only a few weeks to live, he’s hit by a sudden resurgence of affection and decides to track down his sister in the west of France who he hasn’t seen for 50 years. In Mauprivez, a little village near Nantes, 35-year-old Corinne, a solicitor’s clerk with money problems, stumbles on the ad Charles has placed to find his sister with the promise of a vast reward. She sets out to seek the missing woman, but when her efforts are unsuccessful, she decides to create a bogus family with the help of those around her. The ruse works brilliantly. On the other side of the world, Charles is delighted to have found his rightful heirs. But life can be full of surprises and one good thing often leads to another. Charles learns he was given a mistaken diagnosis and is not sick at all! Overjoyed, he decides to come to France to meet his new family. And that’s where the problems begin...
Starring Eddy Mitchell, Alexandra Lamy, Valérie Bonneton
Director Étienne Chatiliez