Va Savoir
Camille (Balibar), a young French actress, has precipitously left Paris for Italy three years ago. The reasons for her departure, or rather her flight, remain mysterious. She has found love and success in Torino. Ugo (Castellitto), a famous director who heads a theatre company, has given her her chance. She has become the leading lady in the company and his lover. This is the first time she returns to Paris to act in a series of performances "As You Desire Me" by Luigi Pirandello. Camille will be confronted with the past she has fled. She secretly dreads meeting Pierre, the man she left. But she will meet him again. Ugo also has a secret. Being in Paris is for him an opportunity to search for a lost, unpublished, manuscript of Goldoni. This quest will lead him to the troubling Dominique. Passions will rise. Each will be confronted with the truth. The theatre, once again, will serve as a back drop and a revelation to the truth.
Starring Jeanne Balibar, Sergio Castellitto, Jacques Bonnaffé
Director Jacques Rivette