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Olivier and James are settling into a romantic break in the south of France when they invite Caroline along at the very last minute. She’s an old friend James has lost touch with. Having recently been dumped, she’s in need of a change of scenery. At first, everything seems calm as they pass their time at the swimming pool, under the sun. Slowly, Olivier grows more and more intrigued by Caroline. She can’t help but notice his attention. The tension sizzles to boiling point, until the moment when something could finally happen presents itself. Olivier pulls himself together and pushes her away. Frustrated and hurt, she leaves, until Olivier rushes after her. As they are driving back to the villa, the focus shifts to James,. Upon their return, he notices a slight nervousness between Olivier and Caroline. Doubt slowly sinks in as James starts picking up on little details. Looks between the two. Attentions. It’s their final night, and fueled by alcohol, he confronts them finally…
Starring Hugo Bolton, Elly Condron, Simon Haycock
Director Philippe Audi-Dor