Laurel & Hardy: Way Out West
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Arriving in the cow town of Brushwood Gulch, our heroes attempt to deliver the deed to a gold mine, as it was bequeathed to a deceased prospector’s daughter. A larcenous saloon keeper (James Finlayson) diverts them instead to his wife, a brassy saloon chirp who enacts the role of grieving daughter. Once this duplicity is exposed, the two tender heels must retrieve the deed and rescue the rightful heiress. Unadulterated Laurel & Hardy fun, spiced with surrealistic gags and sparkling musical interludes, including an Oscar®-nominated score by Marvin Hatley. The review in New Yorker magazine declared the picture to be “leisurely in the best sense; you adjust to a different rhythm and come out feeling relaxed as if you’d had a vacation.
Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Sharon Lynn
Director James W. Horne