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"You beat the weight or the weight beats you – it’s the test every powerlifter faces when approaching the bar. But the weight that’s been pressing down on coach and gym owner Paul Steinman is something far more challenging than sport. Bombing out on his squats at the 2012 American Open was just one more failure for Paul. It had been a bad stretch both in and out of the gym but it was nobody’s business and so Paul didn’t talk about it. But now it’s time to make good and that’s why, one year later, he’s back at the same place, competing in the same meet. As a super heavyweight, Paul lifts in the day’s final flight, so there’s time to sit and think about all that’s happened. What do you do when the weight feels heavy? Can you get up? A dramatic, character-driven documentary set in Brooklyn, Weight follows Paul over a challenging year.
Starring Paul Steinman, Rebecca Steinman
Director Andrew Filippone Jr.