Welcome to the Show
Available on Prime Video, Tubi TV
Rich, in his final year of college, and laden with a shameful secret, persuades his three best friends to stay in town with him over the Thanksgiving holiday as a last hurrah. They receive a mysterious invitation to the “The Show,” an interactive theatre adventure. Tricked into playing along, they find themselves in an inverted escape room. Trying to find their way home and discover what The Show really is, they encounter a cultish group, two dudes who seem to know even less than they do, and a tribe of women with whom they share a strange Thanksgiving feast. But who are the actors, and who is the audience? Who invited them and why? Using games, thought puzzles, and wordplay, the four friends go down a rabbit hole of mistrust and madness, suspecting everyone of betrayal, including each other. The deeper they go, the more doubts they have and the more painful the journey becomes. Fate, in the flip of a coin, decides whether they’ll beat The Show or join it.
Starring Richard Follin, Dillon Douglasson, Keegan Garant
Director Dorie Barton