What Are the Odds?
A high-spirited teenager, Vivek (Yashaswini Dayama), commits a small and clunky crime as a mark of “protest", which leads to her striking an unexpected friendship with well-behaved head boy Ashwin (Karanvir Malhotra) and playing truant from a vital exam day. Things take a turn from ordinary to magical as the story unravels events from the past, present, and future in the lives of these two misfits and the accidental encounters with Val (Abhay Deol) that turn the mundane into a fairytale they are meant to tell. Set in a whimsical version of Mumbai and peopled with characters and incidences personifying the title, 'What Are The Odds?' is an honest, often hilarious, and rapt exploration of growing up in contemporary India devoid of its cultural specificities and celebrating unusual friendships.
Starring Yashaswini Dayama, Karanvir Malhotra, Abhay Deol
Director Megha Ramaswamy