Where the Boys Are
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Determined to let loose, have fun, and meet the men of their dreams, four Midwestern college coeds venture to the warm climes of the Spring Break Mecca of 1960: Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In Where The Boys Are, each of those spirited young women will be changed forever as she basks in the warmth of male attention as well as sunny skies. Wholesome, smart Merritt (Dolores Hart) meets rich Ivy League dreamboat, Ryder (George Hamilton). Comic, self-deprecating, and very tall Tuggie (Paula Prentice) meets free-spirit, funny "TV" (Jim Hutton). Spitfire with a great singing voice Angie (Connie Francis) meets myopic jazz enthusiast, Basil (Frank Gorshin). Though three of the four girls are up to the task of dealing with the raging hormones of the young men, Melanie (Yvette Mimieux) gets in way over her head in her quest for a "Yalie" to call her own. As a result, in the only serious moments of the movie, Melanie finds herself in both physical and emotional jeopardy from heartless sexual predators.
Starring Dolores Hart, George Hamilton, Yvette Mimieux
Director Henry Levin