Why Knot
Is it still love if you’re sleeping with other people? Filmed over the course of 4½ years, Why Knot weaves the history of monogamy with the personal story of one filmmaker’s experience with an open relationship. When his younger brother decides to get married, Dhruv’s Indian family pressures him to follow suit. As preparations for the wedding ensue, Dhruv turns the camera on his family and ex-lovers in intimate dialogues which reveal the fabric of monogamy, the truth of infidelity and the reality of jealousy. Combining scientific, social and human narratives together, Why Knot takes us on an eye-opening journey through the emotional and intellectual landscape of monogamy, offering deeper insight into the evolution of human relationships and a universal conflict between our desires and morals.
Starring Dhruv Dhawan, Hang Duong
Director Dhruv Dhawan