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Sidhardha, a Delhi based youth wing leader of the ruling party is sentenced to jail for murdering Ambikaratnam, a woman leader of the ruling party. The jail superintendent, along with his henchmen is running a crime syndicate inside the jail. Siddhardha witnesses the brutal atrocities that poor criminals have to face while hardcore criminals with political connections enjoy special treatment. Akhila, a dashing and aggressive officer from CBI is assigned to re-probe Sidhardha's case. Her investigation proves Sidhardha’s innocence. Sidhardha escapes from jail and reaches at Justice Varma’s house, a retired Supreme Court judge to explain him the realities happening inside central prison. He refuses to accept Varma's advise to surrender and informs him about the plan to avenge to all who had framed him in murder case. Sidhardha along with some like minded youth, open up a secret jail and picks up several criminals and political leaders and kills them, creating a panic among the ruling class. He makes them confess of the crimes and kills them, whereby delivering justice.
Starring Rajan P. Dev, Sukumari, Vijayashanthi