Andrea Bendewald

Andrea Bendewald

Actress Andrea Bendewald was born and raised in New York City, where father Mervin owned a vintage clothing store in Greenwich Village. She began taking acting lessons at age nine and met lifelong best friend Jennifer Aniston when they were both students at Manhattan's High School for the Performing Arts. After graduation, Aniston immediately moved to Los Angeles and auditioned for many parts, while Bendewald attended Wright State University in Ohio to complete a theater degree. In 1995, Bendewald also moved to Los Angeles, getting cast in her first television part that year on the short-lived series "Simon." She then won a small role in Aniston's 1997 comedy "Picture Perfect." Also in 1997, Bendewald joined sitcom "Suddenly Susan" for its second season as Maddy Piper, professional and romantic rival of star Brooke Shields. Although she has not been cast in a regular television part since then, Bendewald's resume of guest appearances is extensive, largely on popular sitcoms like "Friends" and "Two And A Half Men." One of her more fruitful guest turns came in 1998, when she appeared on sitcom "The Secret Lives of Men," playing the ex-wife of star Mitch Rouse. The two fell in love and married in 2001. In addition to her thespian work, Bendewald has a side business in Los Angeles planning shamanic circles using drums, teepees, and other elements of Native American spirituality.


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