Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence

Lawrence broke into show business in 1991 at age three, making an appearance on the series "Walter and Emily" on which his older brother Matt had a regular role. He occasionally played oldest brother Joey as a tyke in flashback sequences on "Blossom" (NBC, 1991-95) and was Tom Arnold's son in the short-lived 1994 CBS sitcom "Tom." Lawrence made his TV-movie debut in "Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story" (CBS, 1974) as the youngest of a brood of kids trying to understand why their mother had their father killed. In 1996, he was the object of a computer stalker in "Deadly Web" (NBC) and co-starred with his two older siblings in the Western-adventure busted pilot "Brothers of the Frontier" (ABC). In features, he was John Travolta's son in "White Man's Burden" (1995).




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