April Parker Jones

April Parker Jones

American actress April Parker-Jones first came to prominence through the role of Darcy on the cult sci-fi series "Jericho" (CBS 2006-08). Born in Durham, North Carolina, Parker began her acting career on the stage while studying at N.C. Central University. After moving to New York, she received two award nominations for her work in the play "Plenty of Time," in which she co-starred with her new husband, Joseph J. Jones. In 2005, Parker-Jones, husband and daughter moved to Hollywood. Initially billed as April D. Parker, she landed her first major TV appearance in 2006 on "CSI: Miami" (CBS 2002-2012), followed by winning the role of Darcy Hawkins on the cult favorite "Jericho." She held the role through 26 episodes until the show's controversial cancellation. A bit role in "Spider-Man III" came in 2007, followed by several years of guest appearances and character work on television. During this period, she held recurring roles on two series, the rebooted teen soap "90210" (CW 2008-2013) and the more serious family drama "The Fosters" (ABC Family 2013-).



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