Bailey Chase

Bailey Chase

Bailey Chase is an actor who works primarily in television, but also in film and on stage. He is likely most known for his character, Butch Ada, of the TNT crime drama "Saving Grace." Chase made his initial TV appearance in 1996, on an episode of the syndicated phenomenon "Baywatch," titled 'Shark Fever.' In 1998, he appeared on an episode of the career-building, the supernatural drama series "Charmed," before landing his first major recurring part, in 1999, as Graham Miller on the Joss Whedon-created mega-hit, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," where he appeared on 13 episodes over two seasons. In 2003, Chase scored another frequently-recurring part, this time on the classic daytime soap "As the World Turns," as Christopher Robert Hughes. Steady work continued for Chase through the 2000s, including a multiple-episode run on the drama "Watch Over Me" in 2006, before earning his first major television role in 2007, as one of the main characters on "Saving Grace." The drama starred Holly Hunter as Oklahoma City police detective Grace Hanadarko. The series lasted three seasons, with Chase appearing in nearly every episode as Grace's police officer colleague. In 2010, Chase guest starred on the medical drama "Miami Medical."


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