Basil Harris

Basil Harris was a Hollywood actor who starred in a number of dramatic films. Harris began his acting career with roles in the series "The Fugitive" (CBS, 2000-01) and "Citizen Baines" (CBS, 2001-02). During the early stages of his Hollywood career, Harris mainly held acting roles in films like the comedy "Mulletville" (2003) with Kelly Boulware. Following that project, he acted on the silver screen, including roles in the drama "We Go Way Back" (2006) with Aaron Blakely, the Calvin Lee Reeder drama "My Effortless Brilliance" (2009) and "Safety Not Guaranteed" (2012) with Aubrey Plaza. He also appeared in "21 and Over" (2013). He also played parts in television during these years, including roles in "Leverage" (TNT, 2008-2012) and "Grimm" (NBC, 2011-17). Harris most recently acted in the dramatic comedy "Laggies" (2014) with Keira Knightley.