Bouli Lanners

Bouli Lanners

Actor, writer, and director Bouli Lanners worked his way up the ladder of Belgian television, eventually earning attention as a comedic actor. His success won him roles in numerous international productions and the opportunity to direct his own features, such as the offbeat road-trip tale "Eldorado." Born Philippe Lanners, he began his professional career as a self-taught painter working various off-screen jobs, including as a prop maker, in Belgian television. His chance to shine came in 1989 when he performed in the sketch-comedy series "Snuls." His next acting role was as a Finnish singer in the dark comedy "Aaltra," followed by a turn as a military officer in Jean-Pierre Jeunet's epic, "A Very Long Engagement." He began writing and directing his own films in 1999; one of his first shorts, "Muno," was selected to play at the Director's Fortnight at Cannes. His first feature, 2005's "Ultranova," which explored the lives of a group of alienated characters, demonstrated his quirky style and appreciation for open spaces. He took the leading role in his follow-up film, "Eldorado," as a sympathetic man who takes a road trip with a would-be criminal. Even while working on his own directing projects, Lanners continues to act, playing in films such as "Mammuth," a comedy featuring Gerard Dépardieu, and lending his voice to the oddball animated feature, "A Town Called Panic."