Britt Irvin

Britt Irvin

Less than 15 years into her career, Canadian musician/actress Brittney Irvin had amassed more than 60 screen credits throughout North America, ranging from bit parts in children's shows to voice roles in animated series, even throwing in the occasional turn in an R-rated movie. Born in Vancouver, Irvin made her screen debut as a child passenger in the 1996 airplane disaster TV movie "Panic in the Skies," which was followed quickly by a key role in a feature: as a kid helping her siblings try to exonerate their wrongfully convicted father in "The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue" (also 1996). Irvin's first voice role came in "Nilus the Sandman," a half-animated, half-live-action fantasy series, and was followed by multi-character voice work on the children's shows "Sabrina the Animated Series" (1999) and "Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!" (2001 - 2002). Irvin also was a regular on the family series "Little Men" in 1998 and 1999, but didn't restrict herself to wholesome innocents. She played a self-assured skater girl during a season-long turn on the teenage-themed Canadian series "Edgemont" (2003), and also a teen drug addict in the edgy 2002 drama "Wasted." One of Irvin's more prominent roles came in "The Assistants" (2009), a single-season show on Nickelodeon's teen channel that featured Irvin as the lead, an aspiring filmmaker just starting out in Hollywood. And Irvin also has made her name in television sci-fi/fantasy, guesting as superhero Stargirl in "Smallville." She often is credited as Britt Irvin.


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