Charles Malik Whitfield

Charles Malik Whitfield

As a teenager, Charles Malik Whitfield lived a dangerous life, selling drugs on the streets of his home turf, The Bronx. But he was able to escape this dark path when he discovered his passion for acting. His first professional role, in 1992, came on an episode of the popular crime-drama "Law & Order." Though the part itself was minor, appearing on a show of that caliber proved to be excellent exposure for the charming young actor (and his handsome tough-guy looks). Whitfield's big acting break arrived in 1998 with his starring role as singer Otis Williams in the Golden Globe/Emmy-nominated mini-series "The Temptations." While the project itself was received with overwhelming praise, Whitfield in particular emerged as the MVP, taking home an Image Award nomination and a heap of critical praise. Following that outstanding performance, Whitfield appeared in a number of under-the-radar films and popped up on episodes of numerous TV shows, but his next substantial part came in 2001, playing James Mooney over multiple seasons and 45 total episodes on the Golden Globe-nominated crime drama "The Guardian." In the new millennium, Whitfield spent most of his time on the small screen with guest roles, but he did make forays into film, most notably as a co-star (alongside Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson) in the war-drama "Behind Enemy Lines." And in 2007, he landed another multi-episode gig--this time on the horror-fantasy "Supernatural."



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