Christopher P. Garetano

Christopher P. Garetano is a passionate filmmaker. Garetano recently burst onto the scene with his fascinating documentary, "Horror Business", about the agony and the ecstasy of working in the indie-horror world. A selection of several major film festivals - The New York Horror Film Festival, The Chicago Horror Film Festival,The London Filmmakers Convention, The Eerie Horror Film Festival as well as winning the Audience Choice Award for "Best Documentary" at The Long Island Film Festival - "Horror Business" takes viewers where very few ever go. The stress, the pain, the frustration as well as the joy and satisfaction of creating an indie horror film are all captured as Garetano follows five genre folk around and documents a "normal" day or week in their life. Garetano's work was recently recognized by his (lifelong) cinema hero George A. Romero. Along with Horror Business, Chris also wrote and directed several short films, one of which is an adaptation of comic book artist S. R. Bissette's short story titled Cottonmouth. He is currently developing a project titled South Texas Blues, which further regards the struggle of independent filmmaking. Garetano is forever devoted to exploring original territory in movie making.