Dan Payne

Dan Payne

Canadian actor Dan Payne moved frequently while growing up, a trend he continued after college, living in Holland, Australia, and England before returning to Vancouver and becoming a regular supporting player in films and television series. After attending the University of Calgary on an athletic scholarship, he played volleyball professionally in Holland before moving to Australia to join his brother. There he worked as a professional photographer while beginning to pursue his acting dreams, and soon took the next step by moving to London to study drama and perform in stage and film productions. He earned his first credits upon his return to Canada, in small parts for films and television series, before landing repeat roles on the science fiction series "Stargate SG-1." Though he won the lead spot on the Canadian family drama "Alice, I Think," that show lasted only a single season. Subsequent recurring TV appearances and film parts led to his top billing in the 2008 dramatic feature "Mulligans," about the secrets that divide a family. He lent a bit of grim comic relief to "Watchmen," the feature adaptation of the renowned graphic novel, playing an unfortunate hero who is killed when his cape is caught in a revolving door.


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