Deena Dill

Deena Dill

Raised in the small town of Dayton, Tennessee, actress Deena Dill started her ballet training at the age of five. While studying at Vanderbilt University, the naturally athletic Dill ran track and hosted a local television show, further preparing her for a future career. Her first national exposure came when she was recruited by a choreographer friend to appear in country music videos for singers like Billy Ray Cyrus. Those clips led to modeling for everything from pantyhose to contact lenses, including a year posing in Milan, Italy. Back in the United States, Dill's first film role was a bit part as a stewardess in the 1995 family comedy "Heavy Weights." Over the next decade, the number of guest appearances she received on television increased, including roles on popular sitcoms like "Two And A Half Men" that allowed Dill to display a ready comic timing, eventually leading her to try her hand at stand-up in Los Angeles comedy clubs. Always looking to expand her audience, Dill also produced and hosted the short-lived fitness program "Perfectly You," as well as occasionally moderating the documentary-centered talk show "Doc Talk." Dill eventually won recurring roles on the legal drama "Boston Legal," the teen comedy "iCarly," and the suburb sitcom "Suburgatory." Despite living in Los Angeles for her career, Dill remains proud of her hometown and an avid fan of NFL team the Tennessee Titans.


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