Devin Ratray

Devin Ratray

Born in New York City Devin Ratray grew up knowing he'd become an actor; both his mother and father were small-time character actors, and his mother eventually became a full-time acting teacher. He studied drama at the High School for the Performing Arts, and landed his first film role in the domestic thriller "Where are the Children?" when he was just nine. After the quick cancellation of his debut TV series, "Heartland," in 1989, Ratray returned to the big screen in "Little Monsters" as Ronnie the schoolyard bully. His imposing presence and gravelly voice were well-suited to the role of the overgrown tormentor, and Ratray brought that same intimidating presence to his most recognizable role, Macaulay Culkin's nightmare sibling Buzz in "Home Alone." When the film's monster success demanded a sequel, Ratray dutifully returned to the gum-tipping, prank-pulling Buzz in "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York." And even though the franchise was over, Ratray's days as the neighborhood prankster continued to thrive. The next year he appeared in "Dennis the Menace" as the revenge-minded boyfriend of one Dennis' ill-fated babysitters. For the next decade and a half Ratray appeared in minor roles on everything from "Law & Order" (NBC, 1990-2010) to the indie family drama "The Cake Eaters" (2007). In 2008 Ratray returned to the spotlight with "Courting Condi," a hybrid documentary/musical he co-produced and starred in as a lovesick musician traveling the country in search of Condoleezza Rice. Filled with cameos from Republican strategists and Bush Administration officials, the film won numerous awards from film festivals as far away as Italy and South Africa. Ratray was later cast as a smart-aleck computer geek in "Surrogates," and as a destructive ghost in the D.O.A. "R.I.P.D."


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