Ellen Greene

Ellen Greene

Green reprised her role of Audrey in the 1986 film version of "Little Shop of Horrors." She had already appeared in Paul Mazursky's "Next Stop, Greenwich Village" (1976) and "I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can" (1982). Greene never became a "movie star," but kept busy: among her other credits are "Me and Him" and Oliver Stone's "Talk Radio" (both 1988), "Pump Up the Volume" (1990), a voice-over in the animated "Rock-a-Doodle" and the Liza Minnelli musical "Stepping Out" (both 1991), "Naked Gun 33-1/3: The Final Insult" (1994) and John Candy's swan song "Wagons East!" (1994). TV has kept the actress busy since her debut in the 1977 miniseries "Seventh Avenue" (NBC). In addition to guest spots on such series as "Miami Vice," "Law & Order" and "Cybill," Greene scored a big hit as Sister Ruth, a rock singer turned TV evangelist, in the miniseries "Glory! Glory!" (HBO, 1989). Her next turn, as Kitty Packard in the ill-advised remake of "Dinner at Eight" (TNT, also 1989), was not a worthy follow-up.


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