Ellen Hall

Ellen Hall made her mark on the American entertainment industry as an actress and showgirl. Hall introduction to the film industry when her mother, Ella Hall, secured an uncredited cameo as a nurse in the 1930 Universal production of "All Quiet on the Western Front". Her mother also secured uncredited roles for 7-year-old Ellen and 10-year-old Waldemar. In 1943, Hall's beauty opened the door, allowing her to join the celebrated Goldwyn Girls. This group of starlets was a musical stock company of female dancers. Samuel Goldwyn formed the group based on the famous Ziegfeld Girls. In 1944, 20th Century Fox invited Hall to join the newly formed Diamond Horseshoe Girls. During her career, she acted in Westerns, a popular genre in the 1940s. She also showcased her talents in family comedies and musicals. In 1951, she appeared in a popular television series, Cisco Kid. Ellen Hall bid her last farewell to the world of movies and television in 1952 when she was 28.