Eric Scott Woods

Eric Scott Woods

Beloved actor Eric Woods has appeared in various television shows throughout his Hollywood career. Woods made acting appearances on "Quantum Leap" (1988-1993), "Walker, Texas Ranger" (CBS, 1992-2001) and "Diagnosis Murder" (CBS, 1993-2001). He also appeared in "Fired Up" (NBC, 1996-98). Several more television roles followed in the nineties, including stints on "Ally McBeal" (1997-2002), "Charmed" (Warner Bros. Television Network, 1998-2006) and "Judging Amy" (CBS, 1999-2005). As his entertainment career progressed, he appeared in the Richard Grieco action film "Mutual Needs" (1997). Woods took on film roles in more recent years, appearing in the western "Jonah Hex" (2010) with Josh Brolin and the horror feature "Sand Sharks" (2012) with Gina Holden. He also was featured in the TV movie "Millennium Man" (UPN, 1999-2000). Most recently, Woods appeared in "Wrong Swipe" (Lifetime, 2015-).


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