Esme Creed-Miles

Esme Creed-Miles

Esme Creed-Miles was born in the United Kingdom. Born to an actor father, Charlie Creed-Miles, and an actor-director mother, Samantha Morton, Esme too took up the craft of performance before long. In her first screen appearance, she played a reimagination of Hollywood icon Shirley Temple in the Harmony Korine-directed film "Mister Lonely" (2007). Following this appearance, Creed-Miles parted ways with the screen for nearly a decade. Upon returning to acting, she found a role in the mystery thriller "Dark River" (2017) and then soon afterward in the drama films "Undercliffe" (2018) and "Pond Life" (2018). Creed-Miles was cast as the title character in "Hanna" (Amazon 2019-), an action-thriller series about a young girl trained from childhood to be a violent survivalist. The series was based on the Joe Wright film "Hanna" (2011), which starred Saoirse Ronan as the same character.