Fredric Lehne

Fredric Lehne

Fredric Lehne's imposing figure and distinguished facial features have typecast him a bit as the intimidating man in uniform. In fact, many of his guest-starring roles on TV shows have been as a representative of the police or military, from "JAG," a U.S. Navy legal drama/action series, to "Justified," a show about a modern U.S. marshall who dresses (and acts) like a throwback to the Wild West. One of Lehne's most well-known turns as a badge is that of Marshal Edward Mars in the sci-fi adventure series "Lost." As Mars, he doggedly pursued Evangeline Lilly's fugitive Kate in the show's signature flashbacks. He was the callous, mean-spirited figure audiences love to hate, though the show's writers gave him a poignant fate that made him transcend what otherwise would have been a two-dimensional character. Fredric Lehne got to jump out of the uniform and into the skin of a real villain in the hit show "Supernatural." As the arch-demon Azazel, he oozed pure evil, functioning as the primary adversary for the show's two heroes, brothers and hunters of the occult, played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.


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