Fulvio Cecere

Fulvio Cecere

Canadian character actor Fulvio Cecere frequently plays tough-minded cops and military officers on American series television. Born of Italian extraction in Canada, Cecere briefly attended law school in Los Angeles before enrolling in acting classes at UCLA. When a vacation in Vancouver turned up several opportunities with local casting agents, he switched to acting full-time, earning small roles on both Canadian and American TV. With his scrappy demeanor and forceful stare, Cecere earned numerous character parts as hardheaded men in positions of authority. He twice appeared as a gumshoe: first as blue-collar investigator Fred Durkin on the A&E series "A Nero Wolfe Mystery," and later as detective Gene Taylor on the modern-day TV adaptation of "Tarzan." In 2006 the actor made a memorable portrayal of the other side of the law as the ruthless Dante Ribiso, leader of a motorcycle gang, on the acclaimed Canadian cop drama "Intelligence."



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