George "Buck" Flower

George Albert "Buck" Flower (October 28, 1937 – June 18, 2004) was an American actor, writer, producer, assistant director, production manager, and casting director. He was sometimes credited as Ernest Wall, Buck Flower, George "Buck" Flower, George Flower, Buck Flowers, C. D. LaFleur, C.D. LaFleure, C.D. Lafleuer, and C.D. Lafleur.Because of his gruff appearance, he was often cast as a drunk or homeless character. Director John Carpenter gave Flower a cameo role in several films he made throughout the 1980s. Flower was also the father of actress/costume designer Verkina Flower and Key Grip Marcus "Roo" Flower. He died of cancer at age 66 on June 18, 2004.